• Livestomart Hanging Feeder For Poultry (5 kg)

    Hanging Feeder For Poultry (5 kg)

    This feeder is recommended for floor reared poultry birds (deep litter systems).

    Access of birds to the right amount of clean and fresh feed via specially arranged feeders-to minimize spillage and soiling-is essential.

    About 1 to 3 feeders are recommended for 50 chicks/birds.

    Hanging feeder for poultry features suitable management options. With regards to poultry management, fewer feed stations result in aggressive birds, starvation, feed waste etc.

    Wrong sized feeders may reduce access of birds to feed. Poorly designed feeders also lead to feed wasting and fouling.

    The attached ground feeder tray has an attractive color and functions to keep food fresh and dry longer.

    It is suitable for all ground feeding birds. Its mesh prevents entry of chicks into the feeder pan, uniform distribution of feeding windows, good feed holding capacity, increased feed conversion ratio and eliminates waste of feed.

    Its innovative design makes it easy to handle, clean and store.

    This product provides a hygienic feeding option to avoid diseases at the preliminary stage. It also reduces the feed wastage and increases the feed conversion ratio.